[Review] Epix’s From Has Lost Alum Harold Perrineau Bring Law and Order to a Town Full of Monsters

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The executive producers of Lost bring another tale of people stranded together, From. This time, it’s a small town, populated by people from all over the country. Each person, driving from a different place, saw a tree blocking the road and a murder of crows. However, no matter where they turn, they are now stuck in this town. What makes being there even worse is that demons come out at night to murder the townspeople. Only having a talisman and closing the windows keep you safe, but these demons go out of their way to convince you to let them in and torture you to death.

For the first time, two different groups enter the town at the same time, a duo of tech bros and a family going on their last vacation before the parents break the news that they are getting divorced. They now have to decide if they will live in town, managed by the Sherrif Boyd Stevens (Harold Perrineau) or Colony House, the hippie compound run by Donna (Elizabeth Saunders). Townspeople include Sara (Avery Conrad) a possessed woman who hears voices telling her to kill people and Victor (Scott McCord) who has been stuck in the town since he was a child.

While the townspeople are isolated from the rest of the world, the everyday politics of life are a part of the town: crime, punishment, and the different opinions on how to survive and hopefully escape. The show is gory, with the bodies bloody, ripped apart to the bone. And while the monsters might kill them, as Deputy Kenny (Ricky He) says, the hardest part is serving the day-to-day.

Perrineau, coming off a four-season run on Claws, plays the sheriff who is grappling to deal with law and order in a very compelling way. The supporting cast members add their texture to his bizarre town.

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