[Interview] Parker Bossley Talks About His Love for 90s Lenny Kravitz, Living In A Camper, and How To Survive On Tour


New artist Parker Bossley isn’t as green as other emerging artists; he’s been touring since he was 15 and worked as a session bassist. Finally breaking out on his own, Parker talks about tour life, working on new music and living in a camper in LA.

Tell me a little bit about yourself. Where are you from, and how did you first get into music?

I’m from Vancouver. I was born in a town called Abbotsford, which is kind of like a rough town. It’s like the murder capital of the province of where I’m from. So it’s pretty sketchy. And music was one of the things that you could do to stay out of trouble. I always had this natural affinity to it. My mother taught me piano, and I was just always obsessed with music.  Then I moved to Vancouver, signed a deal and I’ve just been touring around ever since then. And I’ve found myself between Los Angeles and Vancouver now.

You channeled a lot of glam icons in your music video for your single “Lifted.” Who are some of your fashion and music inspirations?

With that music video I was really trying to do like a 90s Lenny Kravitz vibe. I love Lenny Kravitz and his style. I love Bowie obviously and T. Rex. And Nina Hagen I love as well. Grace Jones is a big style influence.

Do you think your music and fashion style go hand in hand with the message you are trying to send out?

I think so, yeah. I try not to over think too much, or over say too much, but like to me fashion is just another way to express yourself, its a form of arts, it is a layer to the whole story. So it’s a big part to the way I choose to live my life.

What did you learn from your experiences with touring with other people?

You learn a lot about what not to do. You learn how to not be a terrible person in the van. You learn that hygiene on the road is key. Stinky feet can ruin a drive. And you also learn how to keep the vibe up, because touring is hard. Its tough having a bunch of people together in a combined space, you just kind of figure each other out a little bit you know.

What do you miss most about home?

I miss my girlfriend, I miss her dog, Bear. You miss your family. Touring now with smartphone and video calls makes it easier to stay connected with everyone at home. I remember the first time I toured in Europe we didn’t have cell phones, so we were just using these pre-paid phone cards that were super expensive so you could only chat for like five minutes, and it was awful. You get lonely pretty quick. But these days its pretty chill.

What are some touring rituals that are important to you?

I drink wine by myself (laughs). I really savor the moments where I can be by myself. I think it is really important to find those moments when you are on the road and kind of give yourself [that]. Even if it just means going to the hotel for 20 minutes so you can have a shower by yourself or whatever. Alone time is probably one of my touring rituals. We listen to music and podcasts. Drea just got me into the podcast “Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard. ” Its basically him interviewing comedians and stuff and they just chat for two hours. It is pretty good, its pretty funny. They kind of delve into these societal conversations. Its less about their careers and more about what they think about certain things. Its good, its cool.

Do you try to have a chill vibe on road since you give a lot of energy when you are performing?

Absolutely. That’s so true because when I go on stage, I always end up giving more energy than I have planned for. You have to keep a reserve of energy at all times, or else you run the risk of depleting yourself, and then you enter a state of depression on the road, which I’ve been in before. And being healthy, like not drinking too much, and trying to eat healthy. We’ve been doing a pretty good job on this tour.

Do you consider yourself an introvert at all?

I’m definitely an introvert. I think there are a lot of artists who are introverts. They seem extroverted because they go on stage and do this scary thing, but that’s how I deal with my introversion, its like a weird thing that I do. And then I needing to be by myself for 12 hours.

You kind of have to cope with it. It is a strange existence being on the road, especially when you are really in it and you’re a month in, and you’re in transitory, you are in limbo. Most of your day you aren’t really doing anything. You are just driving to this place, and then you do the exact same thing. And if you are not careful, you can lose the joy of it.

You said you’ve gotten depressed on tour before, how did you get out of it?

At that time, I was quite a bit younger and I wasn’t living very well. So cutting back on drinking was definitely a thing for me on that tour. The truth is I didn’t get out of that depression . That was when I was in Germany. And I was just really young, I was 21. And I just entered a brutal depression, and I just rode it out. And when I got home I dealt with my issues.

Tell me about this camper that you lived in?

When I first moved to LA, it was like this super sketchy, shitty camper mobile in Lincoln Heights, which was kind of a sketchy neighborhood. I definitely grew quite fond of it, as you do when you are wandering around writing songs. You meet people and you make these relationships with people that you would have never met before. I definitely look back with fondness to that camper that I was living in. It did leak, but it doesn’t really rain that much in LA so that was fine.

How long were you there?

I was there for just over a month or something. Which is technically a long time to live in a camper.

Did you write and record your album in the camper?

No, I was living in LA and was basically trying to figure out how I was going to do it. The recording came a little later, but I wrote my last single, “Lifted” when I was in that camper. I’m actually going in with Chris Chu from the Morning Benders and POP ETC, we’re recoding my album in two days in Los Angeles.

Are you excited or nervous?

I’m only excited. I’m so comfortable in the studio, and I know all these songs are amazing. Not to toot my own horn, but I’m really stoked on the songs. So I have no real nerves about recording the album. And Chris has been amazing, and I absolutely trust him. So just excited, which is nice to say, because I’ve had it both ways for sure.

What do you want people to take away from this album?

Obviously I want everyone to find their own meaning. So really I just hope people listen to it and can relate to it. I often write from a personal place, I’m writing about my experiences so hopefully they can take something out of it and it is a joyful experience.  

Check out Parker Bossley’s video for “Lifted” below


Mariah Carey Promotes Her New Album While Also Giving Her Lambs Throwback Feels


Two Mariah Carey albums are getting a lot of hype lately; her latest album, Caution, which people are calling her strongest work in years, and her 2001 album Glitter. Glitter, which was the soundtrack to the movie of the same name, flopped when it first came out, but the hashtag #JusticeforGlitter has gotten the underrated album back on the charts.

What this has proven is Mimi has a catalog that should be perused again. And luckily, she will make a playlist catered to your taste. Using her chatbot and answering a few multiple choice questions, you get a playlist made for you. I choose “GTFO” “Honey” and “Sassy” and this is the playlist I got.

It always great when artists market their music in fun ways, and this definitely got me more interested in checking out the new music than I was before.


Smino Announces New Album, Smino Noir, and Releases Video

Following the release of 2017’s blkswn, Smino announced his sophomore album, Smino Noir, coming out Nov. 8.

Instead of just announcing the release of the album in just a social media post, he did a freestyle instead. It featured subtitles, which allowed, rap fans like me to see some of his more subtle wordplay, like his Jersey Shore reference.

Smino also released the video to his single “L.M.F.” which features a kickback, him playing and old man, and a monkey? Nothing is out of the box for Smi.

[Interview] Jesse Jo Stark talks about Music, Fashion, Doing It Her Own Way and, of course, Halloween


Photo by Dana Trippe

If singer Jesse Jo Stark’s sound could be described in one word, it would be spooky.  Her mix of rock-n-roll and goth gives off a haunting sound which is introspective and fun at the same time. I got to talk to Stark about her new music, fashion, why she can only do things her way, and of course, Halloween.

Can you talk to me a little bit about your new body of work and the inspiration behind it?

I just put out an EP called Dandelion and I just put out A and B side tracks called “Wish I Was Dead” and “Rot Away.” And so those are newbies. And I guess the inspiration behind them are a little bit about love and death and just kind of like forever belonging to someone.

Do you feel like love and death go hand and hand?

I mean we all have to die and I believe we all should love at least once before we do. And I believe that the idea for me is if we get to love after, it is something to look forward to.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

Yeah I do.

You art direct all your visuals and your release your music independently. Is it important to have this level of control with your image?

One hundred percent. I work with a lot of amazing people that I love collaborating with and trust. I get to work with a lot of amazing people that understand my vibe but there is no way I’m doing this any other way but my own.

Do you feel you have been pressured by other people to do it another way?

I think I have been, but I don’t actually think people…I think people lend their opinions and give me support and ideas on what would make things easier for me, but I’m just not into that. I want longevity and I want to do what I love and I’m not going to take a shortcut. I don’t even know what that means because I’m already doing what I love and I’m enjoying it.

How did you find out that this is something that you were going to love?

I’ve always been immersed in music. I got to listen to a lot of amazing bands when I was younger because my dad is heavily into music so he really inspired me in that way.  I was fortunate enough to take vocal lessons and guitar lessons and experiment. I started recording a lot of covers when I didn’t know I wanted to write yet and it eventually just evolved. I’ve been hitting it heavy since I was young, but I feel like the past four years has been it has been a different vibe and going on the road kind of verified that this is what I want to be doing; this is where I want to be.

What is your favorite part of being on tour?

I would say it is so important to have the right people surrounding you. My band is amazing and even the crew is amazing. And we are kind of like this type of family and it makes every day, not easy, but it makes it special and being able to play with them on stage make it feel like this is exactly where I want to be. But my favorite part this round I love the bus and making it our home and knowing we’re going to play to many people every night and we are going to be inspired in a different way every night and getting to read the crowd, meet new people and play our songs.

What do you like to do in your down time at cities?

It is different at each one. Last night we spent a good three hours in Walmart and got matching dragon onesies and anything unnecessary that we could find. But depending on where we are, we love food or a good museum or a good record store. I love going to different vintage shops. Just kind of exploring.

What do you miss most about home when you are on tour?

I’m a family girl, so my family and my dogs. But you’re kind of in a vortex, and kind of just doing what you are doing, you know?

You’ve designed for Chrome Hearts and capsule collections for Vans, do you see yourself designing more in the future?

I love designing. I will always work with design. Chrome Hearts is my family, so its inevitable. That’s my blood and I will always be surrounded by that. Half of the things I wear on stage I’ve made. I love to wear my friends as well, what they make. So fashion ties in to what I do.

What are you fashion influences?

I love vintage clothes. The idea that someone else has worn them and they’ve had crazy experiences that I don’t even know about. I don’t even know where they were when they wore it. But I love that, because they have heart behind the garment. And I will say Cher is a big influence. My parents.  The Clash. I like weird pieces that are comfortable but sexy.

Why do you like Halloween so much?

I love the quirky side of horror and being able to express yourself. It is almost like a big fashion show, but for freaks.

What’s your favorite horror movie?

I don’t know because they are so many types of horror. I obviously live for Frankenstein  And then you got the gory horror movies. I would say Frankenstein , like old Frankenstein

What is your Favorite halloween costume?

I would say Bride of Frankenstein. I was Bride ofFrankenstein like 5 or 6 years ago and I did it again last year and I would say thats my best one yet.

What are your future goals with music and creating?

I would love to continue touring and playing festivals and writing music and collaborating. Just exactly what I’m doing now, but just grow. I love being on the road so at some point I would love to headline my own tour and keep meeting fans and meeting new people.

Listen to Jesse Jo Stark’s latest work below and be sure to check her out on tour.

Where To Listen to Taylor Swift’s “reputation” for free online


While its a fact that Taylor Swift’s newest album “reputation” will be released tomorrow, there has been no official word if the album will be available on streaming services, and for how long it will be off streaming services if they do decide to first only do a physical release.

However, what we know for sure is that it will be available on the iHeartRadio app for free tomorrow.  They made this announcement on social media, making it the first known place where you can stream “reputation” tomorrow.

Will you be buying “reputation” tomorrow or just waiting for it to stream?


You can listen to “reputation” radio here.

Which episode each song on the Insecure Season 2 Soundtrack was featured on


Insecure released their season 2 soundtrack, featuring music from this season, and also all of Issa’s mirror raps. I highlighted each episode that the song was featured in below. Check that out and stream the soundtrack below.

Cheater for One-Issa Ray- Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Insecure-Jazmine Sullivan, Bryson Tiller-Episode 5 “Hella Shook”

Supermodel-SZA- Episode 2 “Hella Questions

Attitude-Leikeli47- Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Crew-GoldLink, Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy-Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Go Low-Issa Rae-Episode 2 “Hella Questions

A Lite-Buddy-Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Real Bitch ProblemsTT The Artist-Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Lowkey-Kari Faux-Episode 7 “Hella Disrespectful”

Run Up-Cam & China-Episode 2 “Hella Questions”

Hoe For It-Issa Rae-Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Poppin’-Rico Nasty-Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Run Me Dry-Bryson Tiller- Episode 4 “Hella LA”

Hit The Ceiling-LION BABE- Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Fine Line-Jorja Smith- Episode 8 “Hella Perspective”

Feels Like-NAO- Episode 6 “Hella Blows”

Rejected-Issa Rae- Episode 6 “Hella Blows”

Quicksand-SZA-Episode 8 “Hella Perspective”

Morning Blues-Smiles Davis, Bosco, Tola- Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Matthew In The Middle-Sean Leon, Daniel Caesar-Episode 4 “Hella LA”

Gucci Ice Cream-Girls In The Yard- Episode 6 “Hella Blows”

Bloct-Issa Rae-Episode 7 “Hella Disrespectful”

Smino releases Spotify playlist based on his song “Netflix & Dusse”

Smino created a playlist inspired by his new single “Netflix & Dusse.” Featuring the ultimate music to set the mood for chill time…or more, with your significant other, highlights include OutKast’s “Vibrate,” Lumidee’s “Never Leave You,” and Saba’s “Most.”

I made my own playlist inspired by this. Featuring throwback “SpottieOttieDopaliscious” and current hit “Slide,” its great songs to talk and chill with.

Cashmere Cat announces “9” track list featuring Kehlani, Ariana Grande

my new album 9

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After releasing the lead single “Wild Love” feat The Weeknd and Francis and the Lights back in August, Cashmere Cat has finally released the track list to his debut album 9 via Instagram. Denoting each track with emojis, the album will feature acts like Kehlani, Ariana Grande, Jhene Aiko and Ty Dolla $ign.

I’m excited for all of these tracks, but I’m really looking forward to the track with Ariana Grande. His previous tracks with her, “Adore” and “Be My Baby,” are amazing, so I’m looking forward to a third track

9 is set to be released April 29.

Kendrick Lamar releases “The Heart Part IV”

On Thursday, Kendrick Lamar deleted all his Instagram posted, just an image of the roman numerals IV. Many thought this was the announcement of his fourth full length studio album (people argue that Section.80 was his first album). But later that night he released “The Heart Part IV,” which featured the image he posted on Instagram.

Supposedly Kendrick is calling out both Drake and Big Sean on the song:

Big Sean alleged diss:

My fans can’t wait for me to son your punk ass and crush your whole lil shit
I’ll Big Pun your punk ass you a scared lil bitch
Tip-toeing around my name nigga you lame
And when I get at you homie don’t you just tell me you was just playin
‘I was just playing K-Dot, c’mon you know a nigga rock with you, bro’
Shut the fuck up you sound like the last nigga I know
Might end up like the last nigga I know
Oh you don’t want to clash? Yeah nigga I know

Drake alleged diss:

Don’t tell a lie about me, I’ll tell the truth about you

I guess these are disses? I guess in a convoluted way I can connect them to Drake and Big Sean? I personally feel like these are more general statements, but I like the song regardless.

He may have mentioned the release date of his new project at the end of the song by saying.

Y’all got until April 7th to get your shit together

He has since deleted his Instagram post again and now the profile is bare.

“More Life” is not an Apple Music Exclusive, available on all streaming services now


Unlike Drake’s last album “Views,” which was an Apple Music exclusive for a week upon its release, “More Life,” Drake’s followup “playlist” project is not.  Like his previous projects “What A Time To Be Alive” and “Views,” “More Life”  premiered on Drake’s Apple Radio show “OVO Radio”  before being released to streaming sites on Saturday. You can check on the project below, featuring Young Thug, 2 Chainz, PARTYNEXTDOOR, Travis Scott and Kanye West.