All of Chance The Rapper’s Sketches and Performances on Saturday Night Live So Far

Chance The Rapper hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time this Saturday, but this was not his first go around on the show by any means. He has performed on the show three times, twice as a musical guest and once as a surprise appearance for “Ultralight Beam” for when Kanye West was a musical guest. He has also appeared in two skits before being an official host.

Let’s look back at Chance on SNL so far. I’m sure he will be back for me.

First Appearance-musical guest-December 2015
Sunday Candy

Chance The Rapper – Sunday Candy SNL from ScousaJ on Vimeo.

Somewhere In Paradise

Chance The Rapper – Somewhere in Paradise (SNL 2015) from Arnold White on Vimeo.

Second Appearance-musical guest-February 2016

Ultralight Beam

Jingle Barack

Chance was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for his contribution on this song.

Silent Night

What happens when a community puts on a holiday play.

Same Drugs

Finish Line

Fourth Appearance, First Time Hosting-November 2017

Chance-giving Monologue

In his opening monologue, Chance writes a song about Thanksgiving to get that Mariah Carey holiday money

Sports Announcer

Chance plays a basketball commentator that has to cover a hockey game.

Rap History

This skit takes on the argument about current rap artists not knowing their history.

Come Back, Barack

Chance makes an old school R&B asking Barack to come back. Throwback elemenets included large suits, singing in the rain and a bedroom set.

Porn Pizza Delivery

What happens when someone does not understand they are part of a porn.

Wayne Thanksgiving

Batman’s excessive “justice” is talked about during a Bruce Wayne food drive.

Family Feud: Harvey Family Thanksgiving

Paternity controversy when Steve Harvey’s family visits Family Feud.

Career Day:

Two kids gas their parents up on Career Day. Oh, P.S., Chance is shirtless.

Do you think Chance will be nominated for any Emmys for this appearance on SNL?


Taylor Swift Reveals the Process Behind making “Call It What You Want”

Taylor’s AT&T channel has been releasing behind the scenes videos of the making of the album “reputation” with its series “Making of A Song.” Most of the videos have been posted on Taylor’s YouTube channel so far, except “Call It What You Want.” However, a helpful YouTube user has uploaded the video above.

This is one of my favorite songs off the album, so it was cool to see the process. Also, Taylor basically confirms that that necklace she’s been wearing frequently in the initial of her lover. You can find the necklace here.

Camila Cabello Releases The Video for “Havana” featuring Young Thug

Over two months after its early August release , Camila released the video for her single “Havana.” This was more of a concept video than her previous video “Cryin In The Club,” and I actually think its way more fun. Camila plays different characters, including an actress in a telenovela and movie and a homebody named Karla (Camila’s first name) that desperately needs to stop living vicariously through TV.

It was a very cute story and I love how she is embracing the Latin market. It seems more authentic than just the typical mainstream pop route. I feel like she is slowly building a solid career that can last overtime instead of mixing together some instant, quick, short lasting success.

Check Camila out on the Jingle Ball Tour. Dates are here.


The significant “Old Taylors” from the “Look What You Made Me Do” Video that relate to Calvin Harris

In Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video, the major moment is the when the old Taylors are climbing to the top. While many of the Taylors represent different eras of her career, some of the Taylor are significant moments from her relationship with Calvin Harris.


One of the Taylor wears her outfit from the 2015 Billboard awards. This was a significant moment in their relationship because this was the first time they were at an entertainment event together as a couple. Calvin also kissed her when she won an award. This is considered the confirmation of their relationship.


The old Taylor from 2015 IHeartRadio Award was also a major moment for Calvin and Taylor. When winning the award for best tour, she thanks her boyfriend Adam, Calvin Harris’ real name.


While some can argue that she just happened to have these outfits in her closet still, Taylor has shown that nothing is coincidence and may be a dig at Calvin.

Check out the entire video below.

They. releases video for “Deep End”

They. released a video for the song “Deep End” off their debut album “Nu Religion: Hyena.”  The track, which was originally released in 2016 on SoundCloud, is about giving in to all your vices for the weekend, including women and drinking. The video fits in perfectly with the moodiness that They.’s other visuals have had, and I found it interesting that the wolf was also the woman from the beginning of the video and they eventually drive away from her.

“Deep End” is my favorite They. song so I’m excited it’s a single. The mix of keyboard and trap beats with R&B and rap is the perfect concotion that best represents They.’s sound.

Click here to check out pictures from They.’s tour.

[Video] Zedd feat Alessia Cara “Stay”

Zedd and Alessia Cara released the video for their collaboration “Stay.” While the song is about not wanting to let go of a love, the video has an interesting take on the how one action can change everything. In the first universe, Zedd doesn’t catch the elevator in time to share it with Alessia, so they enjoy their day separately.  When he does catch the elevator, they have a fun day together, which ends unexpectedly.

The story line and message is interesting as it relates to the movie that the song is featured in, “Everything, Everything” that shows how meeting a person can change your life in ways you don’t expect.

Kendrick Lamar’s “Humble” video is a celebration of the real female body

Kendrick’s video for his video “Humble” has a lot of incredible imagery, but what stood out most out most to me is seeing a real butt.

I’m not talking about a butt with injections compared to a natural butt. I’m talking about a butt with no makeup on it. Yes, people put make-up on butts, especially in videos, and yes, most women, skinny or big, have stretch marks on their butts. It is completely natural, as not even that noticeable or gross, but in videos and magazines, they are altered completely. It is just such a dumb and unreasonable standard for society to make that I glad Kendrick recognized that and showed the truth.

Enjoy the video below

Elijah from “Girls” reminds us of our favorite fallen star of a show, “Smash”

During his audition for the musical interpretation of “White Man Can’t Jump,” which I would love to hate-watch, Elijah decided to sing “Let Me Be Your Star” for his audition instead of his original choice of a song from “Newsies.” His rendition reminded me of this gem of a show. Yeah, the actual story of the show didn’t make sense after a while, but the music of “Smash” was always amazing. Also, it introduced me to Leslie Odom Jr. from Hamilton so another win for this show.

Check out Elijah audition below and check out a playlist of the best songs from Smash.


THEY. release video for “What You Want”

THEY. released a video for “What You Want,”a single from the debut full length album “Nu Religion: Hyena.” The video is influenced by Hanna Barbera (think Flintstones, Scooby Doo, Yogi Bear) the video is moving images of the same door way. It is very trip to the eye, and reminds me of the running scenes in Scooby Doo when when the background doesn’t change that often, but the gang is moving their feet very fast and supposedly going a long distance. It also reminds me of fun version “the sunken place” from the movie “Get Out.”

Check out the video above and check out the tour dates for THEY.’s Nu Religion Tour here.

Evil Jinx returns to share our hatred of underground artists going mainstream

After complaining about album reviews , Evil Jinx is back to complain about a situation that all music lovers go through, when your favorite artist achieves mainstream success.  You have mixed feelings. Like Good Jinx, you are happy that an artist that you supported through the come up is becoming successful. Its always great to see people getting money for doing something they love. But like Evil Jinx, you hate how everyone is into the artist now while you been in it from the beginning.

While of course you want credit for being in it from the start, the biggest problem with someone going mainstream is the change in sound. A lot of times to go mainstream, you have to change you sound to have a more “pop” sound. Sometimes artists even dumb down the lyrics a bit. The experimentation is sound can be good.  Sometimes you can even keep your essence and sound like Kendrick Lamar has. However, this emotion, I think you should be open to all music from an artist you like and ignore public opinion.