[Review] Peacock’s ‘One of Us Is Lying’ Adds a Little Murder to ‘The Breakfast Club’ Formula

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When you think of a classic teen movie, The Breakfast Club comes to mind. It introduced the perfect teen cast formula, The Criminal, The Princess, The Athlete, The Basketcase, and The Brain: an unlikely group of high-schoolers that bond over detention. But now make it an updated show, meaning, of course, one of them is murdered. On One of Us Is Lying, The Brain, Bronwyn, The Criminal, Nate, The Princess, Addy, The Athlete, Cooper are all suspects in The Basketcase’s, Simon, death when he mysteriously dies in the detention that only they were in. However, this modern-day Basketcase runs the unofficial school blog that reveals all Bayview High School students’ secrets. And even though Simon’s dead, slowly and surely, someone is posting all of Addy, Nate, Cooper, and Bronwyn’s secrets on the site. Now, this unlikely foursome must find out who runs the site and who really killed Simon, while not exactly trusting each other.

Based on Karen M. McManus book by the same name, One of Us Is Lying has all the elements of a teen show: a blog revealing secrets and a dead teen. However, with its diverse leads, Bronwyn is Latina and Cooper is Black, we see how the weight of the secrets and consequences are a bit different for people of color. I did enjoy that they changed the race of Cooper, who is white in the book, as Black, because we’re able to see Black queer love, which is often missing in mainstream media.

Peacock is releasing the show with a unique model. It will be released in three batches over three weeks, enough to build up interest and anticipation but not too long that they’re dragging out a show over three months. Being a show that is on a streaming service, it’s all have the competitive edge of not being heavily edited like teen shows on network TV. I loved the book and after watching the first three episodes, it looks as if the show will be just as enjoyable.

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