Theory: Insecure Season 2 will feature Frank Ocean lyrics every episode


In the first episode of Insecure, Issa says that Drake “just gets us” when Daniel says that every college educated girl loves Drake. After that, every episode of Insecure that season featured a Drake lyric. You can find a comprehensive list here.

During the first episode of Season 2, Lawrence ask where the Frank Ocean pillow was, and Issa said it was missing. It was revealed that Issa spilled something on it, so it is no longer on the couch. On the second episode, Kelly says the lyric “working at the Pyramid tonight” from Frank Ocean’s “Pyramid” from the Channel Orange album. Issa also has a Frank Ocean phone case.

While there has only been two episodes so far, I’m guessing that Frank Ocean lyrics will be an Easter Egg to seek out every episode this season. It is also important to note that the commercial promoting the second season featured the Calvin Harris song “Slide” featuring Frank Ocean.

Update: Theory proven! Check out all the Frank Ocean quotes here.


Lollapalooza releases 2017 merchandise

Getting ready for the big fest this weekend Lollapalooza has released its merchandise for the 2017 fest.

There are several different collections for this year. The Lolla Classic collection is the basic collection with graphics from the festival, including a cloud with a lightning bolt and an ice cream cone. The Chicagoland Collection features graphics from the City, including the lion from the Art Institute of Chicago. The Chicago Sports Team Collaboration features festival graphics with sports team Blackhawks, Bulls, Cubs and new this year, the White Sox. Lolla also collaborated with labels, Aviator Nation and Camp Collection for merchandise.



You can get Lolla gear in three places: The Pop-Up shop on the Magnificent Mile, online, or at the Lolla shop at the festival set. You can also pre-order Lolla merch from Sidestep and pick it up at the festival.

I think the Chicago Sports collection is super cute with the added guitars in the logos. I also like in the Chicagoland Collection that the lion has on wristbands for the festival. I’ll definitely be hanging out in the air conditioned shop during the festival between sets.