Red Bull SoundSelect announces 30 Days in Chicago concert series

Red Bull SoundSelect is known for its monthly concerts highlighting both new and established artists, but in November it will host a 30 day concert series in Chicago.

I’m beyond excited about this. It like having an extra long music festival in the colder months.

The lineup is incredible too. Check out the lineup here, but some of my favorite include Khalid, Kehlani and Smino.

You need to be a Red Bull SoundSelect member to buy tickets, and according the Chicago Tribune tickets will be around $15 and will be a limit of 2 tickets per member.

Who are you most excited to see? While considering what shows you are buying tickets for, check out the this playlist for 30 Days In Chicago made by Red Bull.


The significant “Old Taylors” from the “Look What You Made Me Do” Video that relate to Calvin Harris

In Taylor Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do” video, the major moment is the when the old Taylors are climbing to the top. While many of the Taylors represent different eras of her career, some of the Taylor are significant moments from her relationship with Calvin Harris.


One of the Taylor wears her outfit from the 2015 Billboard awards. This was a significant moment in their relationship because this was the first time they were at an entertainment event together as a couple. Calvin also kissed her when she won an award. This is considered the confirmation of their relationship.


The old Taylor from 2015 IHeartRadio Award was also a major moment for Calvin and Taylor. When winning the award for best tour, she thanks her boyfriend Adam, Calvin Harris’ real name.


While some can argue that she just happened to have these outfits in her closet still, Taylor has shown that nothing is coincidence and may be a dig at Calvin.

Check out the entire video below.

Every Color of Chance The Rapper’s ‘3’ Hat So Far

At Sunday’s Video Music Awards, Chance wore the yellow hat of his signature ‘3,’ adding another color to the collection. It was previously featured in his Teen Vogue cover shoot, but this was the first time he wore it out in public.


Let’s take a look back at all the colorways of the hat so far.

Early 2016-Black

Chance traded his Sox hat for the 3 hat around the time he announced he was releasing “Coloring Book” in early 2016. This color option is also featured on the mixtape cover.  The hate is available online.


August 2016-Khaki

Chance premiered the khaki color around the time of the 2016 Video Music Awards, to match his khaki overalls.  He has continued to wear the hat on many occasions.


September 2016-Red

Chance premiered the red hat during Beyonce’s 70s theme birthday party. This hat has been in his rotation since, including being in the “Same Drugs” video.


February 2017-Orange

Chance wore the orange hat for the photo shoot for the “Thank You Obama” clothing collection.  It hasn’t been apart of his hat rotation since.


May 2017-Light Blue

The light blue version premiered around the time of the “I’m The One” video. This hat has been worn frequently and is available online.


May 2017-Yellow

Chance wore the yellow hat for his Teen Vogue cover shoot. It made a reappearance at this year’s VMAs.


August 2017-Hunter Green

While announcing that he was giving out free State backpacks at the Bud Billiken parade, Chance wore this hunter green version for the shoot.


What is your favorite color of the hat so far?

Chance The Rapper’s Bud Billiken Commemorative Shirt is available for purchase online


Earlier this month, Chance The Rapper was Chance The Grand Marshal for the annual Bud Billiken Parade on the South Side. During the celebration, he wore this special edition Social Works shirt with a cartoon version of himself.


Now the shirt is available on the Social Works for $40. I love the cartoon version of Chance and think its really cute. I also like the 3 detail. The shirt also features the mission statement for Social Works on the back “To inspire creativity, to build dreams, to let you, be you.”

You can purchase the shirt here.

They. releases video for “Deep End”

They. released a video for the song “Deep End” off their debut album “Nu Religion: Hyena.”  The track, which was originally released in 2016 on SoundCloud, is about giving in to all your vices for the weekend, including women and drinking. The video fits in perfectly with the moodiness that They.’s other visuals have had, and I found it interesting that the wolf was also the woman from the beginning of the video and they eventually drive away from her.

“Deep End” is my favorite They. song so I’m excited it’s a single. The mix of keyboard and trap beats with R&B and rap is the perfect concotion that best represents They.’s sound.

Click here to check out pictures from They.’s tour.

Where to get Chance The Rapper’s Champion shirt from Lollapalooza


Chance wore a light grey Champion Heritage All Over Script shirt for his headlining Lollapalooza set. While that color way is not currently available,  the olive version is currently available for pre-order here. You should snag it now, since some sizes are already sold out.

For a similar look, check out this Big C shirt.

Chance also wore his signature hat and Gucci belt.

UPDATE: Shirt now available in white here!



Where To Buy Issa’s Wrecked Shirt from Insecure Season 2 Episode 3


In Season 2, Episode 3, Issa wears a destructed t-shirt with the word “WRECKED” on it when going to hook up with her neighbor. She pairs the shirt with a striped bralette. I like the detail of the anchor on her shoulder, and I think the saying is fitting for her state of mind this season. The shirt is by MOTHER and was originally $115 but is 30 percent off and is now $80.50. You can purchase it here.

Where to buy Issa’s “Make America Gyrate Again” Humpty shirt from Season 2


On Season 2, Episode 2 “Hella Question” Issa wears a Humpty shirt that says “HUMP Make America Gyrate Again.” You can get the shirt online at Barber Shop Window for $19.99.  Issa is known for her cute t-shirts and her love of hip hop culture, so this fits in perfectly to her wardrobe.


Chance The Rapper, Solange and Vince Staples to speak at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for Pitchfork


Chance The Rapper, Solange and Vince Staples will each have speaking engagements at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art as part of Pitchfork In Sight Out conversation series. Each artist will have a conversation where they discuss their work

Past participants include Run The Jewels and Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein. You can listen to previous conversations here.

Tickets for these events will be $20. Solange’s tickets go on sell August 23 at noon and her event is on September 13, Vince Staples’ go on sell September 6 at noon and his October 13, and Chance The Rapper goes on sell October 11 at noon and his event is November 17.

I feel like each of these artists are a great choices for this talk. Each have prolific work that can definitely be dissected and talked about. I love when artist takes a step further than just existing and actually talk about the process and the meaning behind the message.

I’m definitely going to the Chance conversation but I would love to check out the other ones as well.

In the meantime, listen to each artist latest work below.