PARTYNEXTDOOR & Jeremih head out on the Fall tour


PARTYNEXTDOOR and Jeremih are teaming up to go on the Summer’s Over tour. This tour reminds me of an R&B version of the Summer ’16 tour with Drake and Future.

I think its exciting that that these two artists are going on tour together. Jeremih has said that they are working on a joint album “Late Night Party” and they both have new projects to tour with. PARTYNEXTDOOR released “P3” this summer and Jeremih released “Late Nights: The Album” in December and “Late Nights: Europe” this summer.

Take a listen to some of Jeremih’s and PARTYNEXTDOOR’s best songs below.


Chance The Rapper makes his Ellen Show debut with “No Problem” performance

Chance The Rapper made his debut on The Ellen Show and performed his single “No Problem” with 2 Chainz and Lil’ Wayne.  I was a bit surprised that Lil’ Wayne was there with his melancholy tweets as of late, but he did show up in the performance, even changing some of the lyrics to his verse to address his current label situation.

“If Cash Money tryin’ stop me, Ima’ let em’ rob me, yeah right, like Ryan Lochte.”

While “No Problem” definitely relates to Chance The Rapper as an independent artist, this song relates to Lil’ Wayne as well as an artist trapped in a contract.

What I also loved about the performance is that it included a live band and a set.  A lot of times on television performances it is just the artists standing, which is boring and why i don’t break my neck to catch TV performances. Chance creating an setting made the performance fun and more engaging. It reminded me of a less destructive version of the scene in “Straight Outta Compton” when Ice Cube tears up the record labels office. Check out the performance below.