Best of South Park Parody Songs

Last week South Park’s season premiere featured a country spoof on Kendrick Lamar’s Humble. South Park is known for its spoof, so to honor its new season and its great musical moment, here are highlights from their best musical moments.

Humble- Season 21 Episode 1-White People Renovating Houses

Original song: Humble-Kendrick Lamar

Push (Feeling Good on a Wednesday)- Season 18 Episode 3-The Cissy

Original song: Lorde parody

Gay Fish-Season 13 Episode 5 “Fishsticks”

Original song: Heartless-Kanye West

“My Girl Ain’t No Hobbit”-Season 17 Episode 10-The Hobbit

Original song: Bound 2-Kanye West

Work Slut-Season 17 Episode 10-The Hobbit

Original song: Work Bitch-Britney Spears

Trapped In The Closet-Season 9 Episode 12-Trapped In The Closet

Original song: -Trapped In The Closet-R. Kelly


Where to buy Lawrence Hive shirts from Insecure



Show your alliance to the Lawrence Hive with these Lawrence Hive shirts. One shirt features the infamous “Lawrence as Lemonade meme,” another features the pet name “Zaddy” from Tasha she said to him in season 2 episode 1, and another features a condom wrapper with the saying “Smash and Dash” which was basically his motto in season 2. Jay Ellis even mentioned this shirt when talking about the items he can’t live without. Each shirt is $25 and are available in black and white. Check out the store here.

Which episode each song on the Insecure Season 2 Soundtrack was featured on


Insecure released their season 2 soundtrack, featuring music from this season, and also all of Issa’s mirror raps. I highlighted each episode that the song was featured in below. Check that out and stream the soundtrack below.

Cheater for One-Issa Ray- Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Insecure-Jazmine Sullivan, Bryson Tiller-Episode 5 “Hella Shook”

Supermodel-SZA- Episode 2 “Hella Questions

Attitude-Leikeli47- Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Crew-GoldLink, Brent Faiyaz, Shy Glizzy-Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Go Low-Issa Rae-Episode 2 “Hella Questions

A Lite-Buddy-Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Real Bitch ProblemsTT The Artist-Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Lowkey-Kari Faux-Episode 7 “Hella Disrespectful”

Run Up-Cam & China-Episode 2 “Hella Questions”

Hoe For It-Issa Rae-Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Poppin’-Rico Nasty-Episode 3 “Hella Open”

Run Me Dry-Bryson Tiller- Episode 4 “Hella LA”

Hit The Ceiling-LION BABE- Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Fine Line-Jorja Smith- Episode 8 “Hella Perspective”

Feels Like-NAO- Episode 6 “Hella Blows”

Rejected-Issa Rae- Episode 6 “Hella Blows”

Quicksand-SZA-Episode 8 “Hella Perspective”

Morning Blues-Smiles Davis, Bosco, Tola- Episode 1 “Hella Great”

Matthew In The Middle-Sean Leon, Daniel Caesar-Episode 4 “Hella LA”

Gucci Ice Cream-Girls In The Yard- Episode 6 “Hella Blows”

Bloct-Issa Rae-Episode 7 “Hella Disrespectful”

Before Insecure, Frank Ocean was the soundtrack of a Gossip Girl episode


Insecure has been dropping Frank Ocean lyrics in every episode of Season 2, but this isn’t the first time that Frank Ocean has been featured on a TV show. Back in 2012, during the finale season of Gossip Girl and after the release of his debut album, Channel Orange, Frank Ocean’s music was featured on the popular show.  This was the first and only time a Gossip Girl episode featured music from only one artist, and the first time Frank Ocean  music was featured on television.

The songs that were featured were “Super Rich Kids,” “Lost,” “Sweet Life,” “Pyramids,”  and “Thinkin ‘Bout You.”

Check out a playlist for this episode below:

What is your favorite Gossip Girl moment? What is your favorite song from Channel Orange.

All The Frank Ocean Lyrics from Insecure Season 2

As I guessed early in the season, Frank Ocean lyrics have been in each episode of Season 2 since Episode 2. Following the same structure as the Drake lyrics from last season, each lyric is subtly apart of each episode. Check out the lyrics for each episode, and click here for the Drake lyrics from last season.

Episode 1


As I stated in a previous post, Lawrence ask where the Frank Ocean pillow is, and Issa says she spilled something on it.

Episode 2


“She’s working at the Pyramid tonight.”-Pyramids

Episode 3


“I’ve got to tell you how much I vibe with you” -Solo

Episode 4


“My waves wouldn’t dip back then,” -Ivy

“Fuck me good, fuck me long, fuck me numb” -Novacane

Episode 5


“I’ve been thinking ’bout you,” -Thinkin Bout You

Episode 6


“Shut the fuck up, I don’t want your conversation” -Nights

Episode 7


“Lost in the heat of it all”-Lost

Episode 8


“Too many bottles of this wine we can’t pronounce”-Super Rich Kids

Where To Buy Issa’s Wrecked Shirt from Insecure Season 2 Episode 3


In Season 2, Episode 3, Issa wears a destructed t-shirt with the word “WRECKED” on it when going to hook up with her neighbor. She pairs the shirt with a striped bralette. I like the detail of the anchor on her shoulder, and I think the saying is fitting for her state of mind this season. The shirt is by MOTHER and was originally $115 but is 30 percent off and is now $80.50. You can purchase it here.

Where to buy Issa’s “Make America Gyrate Again” Humpty shirt from Season 2


On Season 2, Episode 2 “Hella Question” Issa wears a Humpty shirt that says “HUMP Make America Gyrate Again.” You can get the shirt online at Barber Shop Window for $19.99.  Issa is known for her cute t-shirts and her love of hip hop culture, so this fits in perfectly to her wardrobe.