Chance The Rapper, Solange and Vince Staples to speak at Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago for Pitchfork


Chance The Rapper, Solange and Vince Staples will each have speaking engagements at Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art as part of Pitchfork In Sight Out conversation series. Each artist will have a conversation where they discuss their work

Past participants include Run The Jewels and Portlandia’s Carrie Brownstein. You can listen to previous conversations here.

Tickets for these events will be $20. Solange’s tickets go on sell August 23 at noon and her event is on September 13, Vince Staples’ go on sell September 6 at noon and his October 13, and Chance The Rapper goes on sell October 11 at noon and his event is November 17.

I feel like each of these artists are a great choices for this talk. Each have prolific work that can definitely be dissected and talked about. I love when artist takes a step further than just existing and actually talk about the process and the meaning behind the message.

I’m definitely going to the Chance conversation but I would love to check out the other ones as well.

In the meantime, listen to each artist latest work below.

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