The Adele “Water Under The Bridge” and Megan Thee Stallion “Body” Mash-up is Everything

Photo: Mash Art YouTube

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Adele, who is known for not having backup dancers or features on her songs, finally has a collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion…sort of. After Twitter user @ramsthulani_ tweeted “How come Adele never has any backup dancers?” and @zvxkviru replied with Megan performing “Body” with Adele’s “Water Under The Bridge” from her 2015 album 25, people doing the dance on to this song started trending on social media. Mash Art took it a step further by mashing up the songs together to make a seamless song and video.

It’s crazy that two songs from two completely different artists released five years apart can mesh so well together sonically and performance-wise. Also, Megan’s “Body” verses perfectly match the theme of “Under the Bridge,” knowing that someone wants you. Check out the tweets and full song below.

“Water Under the Bridge”-Adele

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Body-Megan Thee Stallion

Body at Amazon

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