[Review] Real Husbands of Hollywood Don’t Let Their Egos Get In the Way of Comedy

Photo: BET+

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They’re back, mitches! After being off the air for five years, the Real Husbands of Hollywood is back with its original cast members.

A lot has happened in the past five years for the cast, and it’s reflected in their fictionalized versions of themselves too. For example, Nick is having a ton of babies, and Kevin is in marriage counseling to repair his relationship after cheating. He still focused on moving up the Hollywood ranks. This time, he is trying to be Dwayne Johnson from getting a seat to go to space by raising the most money for charity. To do this and still be the Hollywood star he thinks he is, Kevin goes to Nicaragua with Duane to et three clones of himself. Chaos ensues when his clones do stuff completely out of character for Kevin, including being generous and being an amazing singer.

What’s great about the Real Husbands of Hollywood is the cast’s sense of humor about themselves. They aren’t afraid to put their egos aside and be the butt of several hilarious jokes. RHOH spoof on pop culture, including Costume Star (The Masked Singer) and Verse Us (Verzus) also makes the show very tongue in cheek.

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