[Review] Apple TV+ Ben Stiller Directed Severance Is Like Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind Meets Workplace Thriller

Photo: Apple TV +

Do you want more of a work/life balance? Are you sick of thinking about work at home, or are your coworkers sick of hearing about your family? How about getting a severance, a brain procedure that separates your home and work life. The surgery means in the office you have no ideas what you do outside of work, and your outside self (called an “outie”) doesn’t know what you do at work. Adam Scott plays Mark, a Luman Industries employee who underwent the severance process after losing his wife. He’s training Helly (Britt Lower) a new employee who is regretting her decision and wants to quit. The only issue is your outside self has to file paperwork to quit, but since they know anything about your job, it seems impossible. The Ben Stiller-directed show feels like if Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind became a workplace thriller. The show has a cerebral feeling and each episode produces more questions than answers. For instance, the employees don’t even know what their job is.

It is refreshing to see Apple TV+ be experimental with their show offerings. With shows like The Servant, The Morning Show, and The Afterparty, Apple TV+ seems to know no genre or limitation in storytelling.

Severance premiers on February 18th, 2022 on Apple TV +.