[Review] [Tribeca Film Festival] Halftime Shows Jeniffer Lopez’s Tenacity and Perseverance

Photo: Netflix

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When we meet Jennifer Lopez in Halftime, she’s at a pivotal moment in her life. She just turned 50, her movie with her most critically acclaimed performance Hustlers has been released, and she’s about to headline the Super Bowl halftime show. But we learn that not everything that glitters is gold: she loses the Golden Globe that she was predicted to win, isn’t nominated for an Oscar, and has to coheadline the halftime show. However, as Jennifer looks back on her career, she used to be underestimated and undervalued.

The documentary shows clips of previous interviews and media coverage of Jennifer Lopez, and even though she’s sold millions of records, made millions at the box office, and has been dancing for years, they’re mostly focused on her body. Jennifer expresses her frustration but also shows her perseverance and how she never let that tear her down.

What’s most surprising about the docuseries is when Jennifer shows her vulnerable side. She even bursts into tears when she reads a positive review for her performance in Hustlers. While she can take anything in stride, she’s human and wants her hard work to be accepted and appreciated.

The documentary does feel like it was originally going to be a journey to the Oscars paired with her headlining the Super Bowl solo, but instead focuses on her fight to make a statement with her halftime performance.

After making its premiere at Tribeca Film Festival, Halftime is now streaming on Netflix.

You can rent or buy Hustlers on Amazon here.