[Review] [Tribeca Film Festival] Jerry & Marge Go Large Wins Lottery With All-Star Cast

Photo: Paramount +

You’re in luck; another film that premiered at Tribeca Film Festival is now streaming. Jerry & Marge Go Large is about a Michigan couple who finds a loophole in the lottery that makes it statically easier to win. And while movies about gaming the system usually make the people look bad and end up in jail time, Jerry & Marge flips the script by making this a feel-good story. Jerry and Marge aren’t using their windfall to line their pockets, they’re giving back to their small town.

Of course, every hero has a villain. Jerry and Marge’s is a Harvard trust fund kid who also found the loophole and wants all the money for themselves. And he’s not above bullying and threatening Jerry and Marge to get it.

Jerry and Marge is a family-friendly film, however, with such an all-star cast, including Rainn Wilson and Larry Wilmore, you would think the movie would be a bit more engaging. Still a breezy film that’s enjoyable to watch.

Jerry & Marge Go Large is now streaming on Paramount +.