[Interview] We TV’s Commit or Quit’s Shyneka and Correy Talk Reconnecting, Correy’s Big Secret, and Differing Personalities

Photo: We TV

WE TV’s Commit or Quit features couples at a crossroads. After talking about their issues with Judge Lynn Toler and allowing cameras 24/7 in their home, Judge Lynn Toler decides if they should commit and get married, or call it quits and walk away.

Atlanta radio host Mz. Shyneka and truck driver Correy came on the show less than a week before their wedding. Shyneka felt that Correy’s expectations changed after they became engaged and Correy admits he was also keeping a big secret from Shyneka. They let Judge Lynn Toler weigh in on whether they should go through their marriage or go their separate ways. I talked to Shyneka and Correy about how they met, gender roles, and why Correy kept the secret.

Commit or Quit is on Thursdays at 10pm on WE TV and streaming here.