[Interviews] Hotel for the Holidays Max Lloyd-Jones & Jamison Belushi on Why People Love Christmas Movies and Holiday Traditions

Photo: Freevee

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Amazon Freevee’s Hotel for The Holidays is about Georgia (Madelaine Petcsh) a hotel manager dealing with the craziness of her eccentric hotel during the holidays, and Chef Luke(Mena Massoud) who is trying to confess his feeling for her. When Georgia meets Prince Raymond (Max Lloyd-Jones) who just abdicated his throne, she sees an opportunity to upgrade her life.

I talked to Max Lloyd-Jones, who plays Prince Raymond, about filming in the summer, behind-the-scene secrets, his favorite Christmas, and why people are so into Christmas movies.

I talked to Jamison “Jami” Belushi, who plays Kiki, about her favorite Christmas songs, movies, and traditions, coming from an acting family, and how, unlike her character, Kiki, she’s a terrible planner.

Hotel for the Holidays premieres December 2 on Amazon Freevee.