[SXSW] Appendage Shows a Woman Struggling to Deal With Her Demons…literally

Photo: Hulu

Twins are a horror movie trope, but what about one that was absorbed in the womb? That’s what Hannah, a young fashion designer is dealing with in “Appendage.”

Originally a 2021 short from Hulu Bite-Size Halloween, this feature-length film stars Hadley Robinson as Hannah, replacing Rachel Sennott from the original. Hannah is dealing with a scary boss, a perfectionist mother, and insecurities in her relationship (she thinks her boyfriend and best friend are in love). This stress manifests into an appendage, a gross, bloody, baby-like demon that she’s connected to. After attending a support group for others dealing with this “dual DNA” problem, she learns she must sedate this demon in order to live a normal life. However, one of the members of the group, Claudia, shows there might be a more beneficial option.

While this was billed as a horror comedy, there is nothing inherently funny about this movie. It may only get this label because it features many actors known for their comedy, including Emily Hampshire from “Schitts Creek” and the mini “You’re The Worst” reunion with Brandon Mychal Smith and Desmin Borges.

Despite the bit of false advertising, it s still a great horror movie featuring gore, twist and turns, and a great analogy of dealing with your demons.

Check out the times below to see Appendage below. It will be streaming on Hulu soon.

Appendage at Alamo Lamar C

Mar 11, 2023


Appendage at Alamo Lamar E

Mar 14, 2023


Appendage at Alamo Lamar C

Mar 16, 2023