[Interviews] From’s Harold Perrineau, Eion Bailey, Scott McCord, and Elizabeth Saunders Talks Grand Rapids Bus, Where They Would Live in Town, and What They Would Bring

Photo: MGM +

From, the tv show from producers of Lost, is back with a new season. We finally get answers to some of the questions from the season finale, like who was on the bus from Grand Rapids, but also new questions are brought up in the mysterious town that no one can get out of.

I talked to Harold Perrineau, who plays Boyd, about transitioning to playing Boyd after years of playing Dean on Claws, why the townspeople listen to Boys, and what he hoped he would bring to the town.

I talked to Scott McCord, who plays Victor, and Elizabeth Saunders, who play Donna about the craziest cast theories about who was on the bus, if they rather live in town or Colony House, and what they hope they could bring to the town.

Eion Bailey, who plays Jim Matthew, talks about who he thought was on the bus, if he would rather live in town or colony house, and would he would bring to town.

Check out my season 1 interview with Avery Konrad below.

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