[Music Video Review] Taylor Swift-Out of The Woods


Taylor Swift released the visual for “Out of The Woods,” the 6th single from “1989” on Ryan Seacrest’s New Year’s Rockin Eve. The video is very symbolic, with Taylor going through various treacherous experiences alone while in various woodland situations. This is an analogy for the relationship that the song is about, its scenario is unexpected and difficult, and in a troubling relationship where someone feel like there is no stability they feel like they are in it alone. When she becomes entwined with the branches that shows how she is being held back in the relationship. The video ends with her finding herself and finishes with the same secret message that are in the lyric book of her album “She lost him, but found herself. And somehow that was everything.”

I think its a very visually appealing video.  I like the nod to Alice in Wonderland with the blue dresses, a story that influenced the “1989” bonus track “Wonderland” and a girl who was also lost and found her voice.

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