[Review] Troye Sivan at House of Blues Chicago


Troye Sivan is the ultimate hyphenated entertainer. He is a singer-songwriter-YouTube star-actor. Did we mention that he also played a young Wolverine in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

While Sivan is obviously multi-talented, he’s currently focusing on his music and finding much success. His first full-length album, “Blue Neighbourhood”, debuted at number seven on the Billboard 200 when it was released in December. It is currently in the Top 20 on the Pop albums charts on iTunes. In support of the album, he’s currently headlining the “Blue Neighborhood Tour” and played two sold out shows at the House of Blues Chicago on Monday and Tuesday.

The packed concert had fans wearing tour merchandise and screaming “take my youth,” a reference to his latest single “YOUTH” before he even came out on stage.

When the beginning notes of “BITE” started playing, the audience began screaming and instantly put their phones up with Snapchat ready to go. The stage, which background had outlines of houses to match the neighborhood theme, filled with fog. Sivan then came out, singing the opening verse with only a spotlight illuminating his silloutte from the back. As the song progressed, he broke through the fog, moving to the sound of his live band.

While the concert started off with moody aestetic, it quickly changed with Sivan becoming very energetic, singing and had fun with the fans, moving to his song and feeding off the energy of the crowd. The stage setting was constantly changing, with different strobe lights and the outlines of the house changing colors throughout the show.

Although Sivan admitted he was sick, he told fans that running around and having his fans being in this place with him was making him feel better. He definitely had fun with crowd, taking the phone from one person and dancing in a video for them. He also had a member of the audience tie his shoe because he said he was having stage fright. Sivan even wore a pink “Hotline Bling” had that a fan thew on stage for him.

While Sivan showed fans love, he also showed his love for Chicago. After exploring the city on his day off, Sivan said Chicago is one of his favorite U.S. cities.

After performing songs from “Blue Neighbourhood” and the “TRYXE” EP, including an acoustic version of his first single “Happy Little Pill” he ended the show with “TALK ME DOWN.” After fans screamed for an encore he came out to perform “Lost Boy” and “YOUTH.”

While Sivan has a multifaceted career, music is clearly one of his biggest strengths. His original sound and natural presence on stage show that he is one to look out for.

The U.S. leg of the Blue Neighbourhood Tour ends on March 17 in Houston. He then continues the tour in Europe. Click here for tour information.

Stream “Blue Neighbourhood” below:

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