Taylor Swift jams out to “Jumpman”: TaylorvsTreadmill

Based on true events. #TAYLORvsTREADMILL @applemusic @champagnepapi @future

A video posted by Taylor Swift (@taylorswift) on Apr 1, 2016 at 5:36am PDT


Since its inception, Apple Music has been known for its superstar collaboration in its commercials. The Weeknd had an Apple Music commercial for the VMAs and Mary J Blige, Kerry Washington and Taraji P. Henson have a series of commercials as well. Apple Music’s current new recruit is Taylor Swift.

Released on April Fool’s Days, we see Taylor on the treadmill, picking a playlist.  After choosing #GYMFLOW she raps along to Drake and Future’s “Jumpman.” Being distracted by her performance, she falls off the treadmill but get backs up to continue the rap.

Taylor Swift current partnership with Apple Music is interesting because of her previous stance on streaming music. She has taken off her music from Spotify and wrote a public note on her Tumblr against how Apple Music was not paying artists during its free trial. After the letter, Apple Music changed that. Things have seem to be going well with Apple Music, since she released her “1989 World Tour Live” exclusively on Apple Music and is now apart of this commercial.

“Jumpman” is from the Drake and Future mixtape “What A Time To Be Alive” that was initially available exclusively on Apple Music.

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