Prince’s reign continues on Billboard charts


Prince’s albums continue to rule the charts after his passing on April 21 2016. The first Billboard week after his death, May 7 2016, three of his albums, “The Very Best of Prince”(no. 1), “Purple Rain (Soundtrack)”(no. 2)  and “The Hits/B-Sides”(no. 6) were in the top 10 on the Billboard 200. The following week, five albums were in the top 10, “The Very Best of Prince” (no. 2), “Purple Rain” (no.3), “The Hits/B-Sides” (no. 4), “Ultimate” (no. 6) and “1999” (no. 7).

Prince’s music is not available on most streaming services, so most of these sales count for pure album sales.

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