[Photos] BOSCO and Yuna at Lincoln Hall


Yuna took her tour, with opening act BOSCO, to Lincoln Park’s Lincoln Hall on May 6. The diverse crowd, including many wearing headscarfs like Yuna, were excited to hear their eclectic music.

BOSCO, a Brooklyn based R&B and electronic singer originally from Savannah Georgia opened up the night with with music from her newest project with Speakerfoxxx, “Girls In The Yard.” While many people were there strictly for Yuna and were unfamiliar with her music, she won the crowd over with her energy. While mixing the heavy hitting beats of electronic music and the soul of R&B, she got the crowd dancing by jumping around and screaming from them to turn up on her megaphone. She also brought a few fans on stage with her to dance female focused anthem “Beemer.”

Yuna had a completely different energy. She has a calming strength. With her opening song, a cover of Beyonce’s “Sorry” she did her own take of the kiss-off song, making it more emotional and taking away the sassiness of it.

Yuna continued to take her audience on an emotional journey with songs from her catalog dating back to 2008. Songs connected to her songs about love, feeling alone and going after your dreams.

Yuna has had a unique career. After earning a law degree in her home country Malaysia, she decided to pursue music instead. Her current single, “Crush” featuring Usher has peaked at number 15 on the US Adult R&B Songs.

Check out pictures from the show below.

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