Pitchfork Festival announces 2017 headliners with artist painting mural on Facebook Live


With music festival season quickly approaching (Coachella is only about a month and a half away), decided to announce its lineup in a mix media way: street art plus streaming. On Facebook Live, artist Shelby Rodeffer painted a mural for the 2017 that included the headliners, which were revealed for the first time.

The painting of the mural, minus the backdrop, took about two hours, but people had their guesses midway through. It was finally announced that  LCD Soundsystem, A Tribe Called Quest and Solange will be this year headliners.

There are several reasons this is exciting: we get a Knowles performing this festival season, A Tribe Called Quest can continue what they did during their Grammy performance and its basically solidifies Chance at having another Magnificent Coloring Day or performing at Lollapalooza.Its pretty obvious that Chance will be performing in Chicago this summer, and with him not a headliner at Pitchfork, it more or less leaves those two options.

I’m not familiar with LCD Soundsystem and I’m excited about the other two performers. I’m really excited to see who else in on the lineup though. I went to Pitchfork last year and was introduced to so much new music I’m excited for what is in store.

Pitchfork tickets are already on sell here, and have been since about December. Compared to other festivals, $175 is not a terrible price for a three day festival.


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