A Timeline of the confusing journey leading up to Tinashe’s Sophomore Album

Since the October 2014 release of Tinashe’s debut album, she has been talking about working on her sophomore album.  However, despite numerous singles, and even a tour to support the sophomore album, over 18 months after announcing the title of her album,  “Joyride,” is has yet to be released.  Following the release of her latest single “Flame” lets take a look at a timeline to the journey that feels like it has no end.

September 2015

“Party Favors” is released. Announces second album “Joyride”

Tinashe announces her second album “Joyride” with a trailer on Youtube. She also releases the first single from the album “Party Favors.”

October 2015

“Player” is released

“Player,” is then advertised as the first official single from “Joyride.” Less moody then “Party Favors,” “Player” has more of a pop feel and more radio friendly with a guest verse from Chris Brown.

January 2016

Announces Joyride tour


Tinashe announces tour supporting her album that was not released yet. The tour setlist mostly includes songs from Aquarius and the singles surrounding “Joyride.”

February 2016

“Ride of Your Life” is released

Teaming up with one of the hottest producers in the game, Metro Boomin, Tinashe releases “Ride of Your Life.” This is the only single so far that she didn’t release a video for.

April 2016

Cancels rest of Joyride tour dates to focus on album

It is with a heavy heart that I come with the news that due to unexpected recording commitments I need to postpone my upcoming international tour. Originally, I had planned this tour in support of Joyride, and as you know, the album has yet to be released.

My two biggest loves are music and my fans, and it is never my intention to disappoint anyone. I know there has been some confusion in regards to my album’s release date. Trust me, I am as eager to get it out to you as you are to hear it. I will be wrapping up the finishing touches on Joyride by the end of May, and will be back on the road shortly thereafter to see all of you. If you know anything about me, you know this was the last thing I would ever want to do.

I know there will be a lot of questions about this. I am going to do a live Q&A on my Facebook tomorrow to answer them all. Stay tuned for more info on that.

Thank you for your love, support and patience always. It means the world to me.


Tinashe announces via Facebook that she is canceling the rest of her tour due to recording commitments for the album. She insinuates on her Facebook Page that she is having issues with her label.

July 2016

Releases “Superlove”

Even more of a dance single than “Player,” “Superlove” is advertised as the leading single to her new album. She releases a video with directed by popular video director Hannah Lux Davis.

September 2016

Releases “Company”

Like “Superlove” this song is produced by The-Dream. She releases the video for this in January 2017.

November 2016

Releases “Nightride”

Tinashe releases this digital album that includes “Party Favors,” “Company” and “Ride of Your Life.” She says she been working on this project along side “Joyride.”

March 2017

Releases “Flame”

“Flame” is the most pop of all singles released. Again, advertised as as the first single to “Joyride.”


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