All of Chance The Rapper’s Sketches and Performances on Saturday Night Live So Far

Chance The Rapper hosted Saturday Night Live for the first time this Saturday, but this was not his first go around on the show by any means. He has performed on the show three times, twice as a musical guest and once as a surprise appearance for “Ultralight Beam” for when Kanye West was a musical guest. He has also appeared in two skits before being an official host.

Let’s look back at Chance on SNL so far. I’m sure he will be back for me.

First Appearance-musical guest-December 2015
Sunday Candy

Chance The Rapper – Sunday Candy SNL from ScousaJ on Vimeo.

Somewhere In Paradise

Chance The Rapper – Somewhere in Paradise (SNL 2015) from Arnold White on Vimeo.

Second Appearance-musical guest-February 2016

Ultralight Beam

Jingle Barack

Chance was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for his contribution on this song.

Silent Night

What happens when a community puts on a holiday play.

Same Drugs

Finish Line

Fourth Appearance, First Time Hosting-November 2017

Chance-giving Monologue

In his opening monologue, Chance writes a song about Thanksgiving to get that Mariah Carey holiday money

Sports Announcer

Chance plays a basketball commentator that has to cover a hockey game.

Rap History

This skit takes on the argument about current rap artists not knowing their history.

Come Back, Barack

Chance makes an old school R&B asking Barack to come back. Throwback elemenets included large suits, singing in the rain and a bedroom set.

Porn Pizza Delivery

What happens when someone does not understand they are part of a porn.

Wayne Thanksgiving

Batman’s excessive “justice” is talked about during a Bruce Wayne food drive.

Family Feud: Harvey Family Thanksgiving

Paternity controversy when Steve Harvey’s family visits Family Feud.

Career Day:

Two kids gas their parents up on Career Day. Oh, P.S., Chance is shirtless.

Do you think Chance will be nominated for any Emmys for this appearance on SNL?

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