Better with or without? Artists leaving a group for their solo career.

Camila Cabello just released her debut album, about a year after leaving Fifth Harmony. While people were surprised that she left the group, history shows that this was not surprising at all; most group eventually have someone going solo. To mark yet another former group member making their solo debut, lets take a look back on famous people who left a group and reflect if they were better with or without the group.

Camila Cabello

Left: Fifth Harmony

First single: “Crying In The Club”

Better with or without the group?


Without. While “Crying In The Club” wasn’t a hit single, her next single “Havana” charted higher than any other Fifth Harmony song, peaking at number two. Fifth Harmony’s highest ranked song without Camila, “Down” only peaked at number 42. Its projected that her debut album with be number one, a feat the Fifth Harmony didn’t reach.


Left: B2K

First single: “O”

Better with or without the group?

Without. His career was a bit longer than B2K’s, but at this point a reunion tour wouldn’t be the worst idea and would sell more than if he did a solo tour.

Justin Timberlake

Left: *NSYNC

First single: “Like I Love You”

Draw. *NSYNC did crazy numbers. But groups can only last song long, so he left the group at a highpoint and probably the best time.  Justin Timberlake solo career has been amazing, however, I don’t have the highest hopes for his upcoming “Americana” album.

Jesse McCartney

Left: Dream Street

First single: “Beautiful Soul”

Better with or without the group?

Without. Honestly I’ve never heard anything about Dream Street besides their random made-for-TV album commercial.  Jesse McCartney went on to have a few hits and some acting roles so he was better off.

Bobby Brown

Left: New Edition

First single: “Girlfriend”

Better with or without the group?

Draw. New Edition had huge success with and without Bobby. Bobby also had a successful career but then drugs and drama got in the way. Probably best for him to leave the group at the time he did for everyone’s sake.


Left: Clipse

First single: “Pain”

Better with or without the group?

With. I guess it was best for things to end because (No) Malice no longer wanted to be apart of it, but I love Clipse’s songs way more than Pusha-T’s songs.

Marques Houston

Left: Immature

First single: “That Girl”

Better with or without the group?

Draw. Both had mildly successful careers.  I will say I still love Marques’ song “Naked.”

JC Chasez

Left: *Nsync

First single: “Some Girls (Dance With Women)”

Better with or without the group?

With. His solo songs were garbage, even though he had one of the best songs of the group. However, there was not much of a group after Justin left, so I guess he had nothing to lose.

Jordan Knight

Left: New Kids On The Block

First single: “Give It To You”

Better with or without the group?

With. To me his first single was his only successful song. I do really love this song though.

Chris Kirkpatrick

Left: *Nsync

First single: “Shiny Teeth and Me”

This was more so of a joke because this obviously wasn’t a solo effort, but he did make a name for himself in NickToon history.

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