‘A Walk To Remember’ Was Mandy Moore’s Best Double Threat Moment

Sixteen years ago, Mandy Moore made her starring role debut in ‘A Walk To Remember.’ I remember I was excited to see the movie because I was Mandy Moore fan, but didn’t really expect much from the acting. But the movie was DEVASTATINGLY SAD. Great preparation for “This is Us” over a decade later.

Of course when any singer acts, most of the time they try to integrate their singing ability somewhere in there. Mandy Moore previously did this with “Stupid Cupid” in ‘The Princess Diaries’ the year before. She also sings on “This is Us” and has in several other roles. However, Mandy Moore had her best acting/singing moment in ‘A Walk To Remember’ with “Only Hope.” In the film, this feels like the first time we see her character, Jamie, come out of her shell, and was a major moment for Mandy Moore and her character.

Mandy went on to win “Breakout Performance: Female” at the MTV Movie Awards that year and continued acting and singing. ‘A Walk To Remember’ was a great role for her to start transitioning in her career. It is also where Mandy picked up her now signature brunette hair look.


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