Top 5: Alessia Cara: Know-It-All


Photo by Ariana LaBarrie/fresh pair of iis

Alessia Cara is starting the next chapter of her career with “Growing Pains,” but it is important to reflect on where she has been with her debut album, Know-It-All.  Here are my Top 5 for the album below.


Her debut single has the moody R&B feel that I wish the album had more of. It solidified Cara as the “anti-social pessimist” underdog which we all feel like inside.

“I’m Yours”

Cara can’t be negative, no matter how hard she tries, when she’s falling in love. I love how in the song, she still tried to keep an attitude, but despite her best efforts, keeps falling. An interesting take on a love song.

“Four Pink Walls”

The only song Cara wrote by herself on her debut album, “Four Pink Walls” in actually the strongest song lyrically, showing off Alessia’s potential. It definitely is an anthem for anyone that had a dream that seemed unreachable.

“Wild Things”

Know-It-All seems to be the soundtrack to the underdogs, but in this song highlights that you aren’t alone. I love the “yayayaya” chant in the background.

“River Of Tears”

The amount of pain, vulnerability and frustration that Alessia Cara shows on the song is great. With just a piano, her voice and emotions, Cara showed that she didn’t need a lot of background noise to get her message across.

Check out the entire album below.

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