Panorama Music Festival Isn’t Happening In 2019, Here Is How Much Flights Are To Get To Other Festivals From NYC

Panorama, the New York music festival that started in 2016, is taking a year off in 2019. The 2018 festival had its issues; the first day was canceled due to weather. It is taking a hiatus to hopefully allow it to be moved to its original desired location, Queens.

While New York still has the Governor’s Ball, here are other festivals you can travel to and how much much flights cost from New York as of January 25.



Weekend 1
NYC to Los Angeles- Coachella 4/11-4/15 Averaging $320 according to Kayak.

Weekend 2
NYC to Los Angeles -Coachella 4/18-4/22 averaging $440 according to Kayak.



NYC to Nashville Bonnaroo  6/12/to 6/17 averaging $240 according to Kayak



NYC to Chicago-Lollapalooza 7/31-8/5 Averaging $170 according to Kayak 

What festival are you thinking of going to?



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