King Princess Brings Her Cheap Queens Tour To Chicago




All pictures by Ariana LaBarrie/fresh pair of iis

King Princess brought her Cheap Queens tour to The Riviera Chicago. Kilo Kish and a local drag queen opened up the show. While the supporting acts were on brand with King Princess’ vibe, everyone was waiting for the Cheap Queen herself.

She opened up the night by playing “Isabel’s Moment” on piano. It was a very intimate way to start off the show, but showed that even though she was in a big theatre, King Princess was going to have a special moment with all the attendees. She also showed her guitar skills by playing some songs on guitar while simultaneously dancing on stage.
A lot of fans tried to flirt with King Princess on stage, but she made it clear that her heart belongs to someone else by saying “I love Quinn,” her girlfriend who is also Lizzo’s creative director.
While she played songs through her entire catalog, the highlight of the night to me was when she performed her debut single “1950.” It was just a beautiful and magical moment with the cerebral sound of a live band.
Check out the setlist and pictures below.

Isabel’s Moment
Tough on Myself
Useless Phrases
Cheap Queen
Pussy Is God
Ain’t Together
Do You Wanna See Me Crying?
Watching My Phone
Trust Nobody
You Destroyed My Heart
Upper West Side
Hit the Back

If You Think It’s Love

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