New Music Friday May 1, 2020

Drake-Dark Lane Demo Tapes

I woke up to a new Drake album!  Well, not quite. Techinically this is a mixtape, featuring some new songs and some of the one off songs he has realeased as of late. Good news is that we are getting a new Drake album this Summer though.

JoJo-good to know

I love JoJo. Literally bought her first album the day it came out at Target. On this album, she leans into the slow burn R&B vibes more than ever. A highlight to me is “Think About You.”

Doja Cat featuring Nicki Minaj-“Say So Remix”

Nicki hops in Dojo’s top five track “Say So” with a remix. Nicki’s flows matches well on the track, but I wish Doja had added a new verse.

Megan Thee Stallion featuring Beyonce-“Savage Remix”

How to make a great song fantastic? New verses and Beyoncé of course. No words, incredible. That’s it. That’s the tweet.

SiR-John Redcorn Video

This song, named after the King of The Hill character, gets a cartoon video based on the episode “Nancy’s Boys.”

Camila Cabello-My Oh My Dance Video

Combining the the reality of social distancing and the popularity of dance challenges at this time, Camila Cabello does a qurantine “My Oh My Dance” video.  Although this time is really stressful, it is exciting to see how people are adapting the way their produce content.

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