JoJo Performs Her Album, Good To Know, For The First Time With A VR Experience

I’ve been a huge fan of JoJo since she first came out. I even remember buying her debut album at Target the day it was released. So I was a bit disappointed that her tour had to be postponed due to Corona for her new album Good To Know. In spite of this,JoJo blessed us with a treat by performing her album for fans for free with a VR experience. She performed most of her songs from the album and even included a throwback, “Too Little Too Late.” With a limited band and back up singers, JoJo was truly able to show off her vocals and talent. I will say for my first VR concert experience the view was a bit disorienting. However, it was a level up from the at home concerts that we’ve been seeing for the past couple months. I also did wish that she had performed “Lonely Hearts.” Nevertheless Jojo did show off her unique sound that she has been developing for the past couple years. R&B is definitely her lane and I’m excited to hear more music from her. Check out the concert below and for the VR experience to be most optimal turn your phone horizontal.

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