Ranking The Songs on Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Sour’

11. “jealousy, jealousy”

While I can understand the feeling of social media jealously, this song sticks out like a sore thumb on this album.

10. “brutal”

This song feels half-baked. Should have more music after the bridge. Also, I think “good 4 u” should have come after this song would have been a better way to open up the album.

9. “happier”

It’s an okay song but not my vibe. Reminds me of “Tattoo Heart” from Ariana Grande, which I like better.

8. “1 step forward, 3 steps back”

Lyrically I love this song, but not sure why she needed to use the piano section from Taylor Swift’s “New Year’s Day.” Sounds too similar and the song is too recent (2017) for me to really focus on Olivia’s song.

7. “hope ur ok”

Unlike the other song that isn’t about a relationship (“jealously, jealousy”), this song actually fits with the album. It gives me Alessia Cara vibes.

6. “drivers license”

While I love the emotion and some aspects of this song, I never really understood why this song was so big. Still a decent song though.

5. “favorite crime”

This song used to be near the bottom of my list, but it has grown on me. I enjoy the bridge as well. The Vevo live performance made me like the song more.

4. “deja vu”

I have a weird love/hate relationship with this song. When it was released as a single I thought talking about the same relationship was redundant, but I love the production of this song. Lyrically I think it could be a bit stronger.

3. “traitor”

Tea is being served here! My mouth was wide open when listening to this, but after I got past the celebrity drama, this is a great song. The concept of calling out disloyalty even if they technically didn’t cheat isn’t talked about in this way often.

2. “enough for you”

Olivia premiering the live performance version of the song right when the album was released made me love this song instantly. To me, live versions of songs really show their strength. We get the insight that there was some gaslighting in the relationship and how sour their time together really was. I love the realization at the end of the song that she won’t be her only love experience and she’ll find someone better.

1. “good 4 u”

One of the most up-tempo songs on the album, I like the anger that she shows. It is crazy for the only other person who went through the same thing you did and seems totally unfazed about it.

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