Why “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” Is the Best Song From ‘Encanto’ (And All the Things You Might Have Missed)

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Despite the song title, everyone is talking about Bruno! Since Encanto has been released on Disney + and available on Amazon, everyone is talking about this loveable outcast. The soundtrack is now in the top 10 on the Billboard charts, the song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” is number one on Spotify U.S. Charts and the video is number one trending for music on YouTube.

Why the song is the breakout hit of the movie is because it’s very catchy. The blend of salsa, merengue, and reggaeton is infectious, and most of the cast is in on the fun. Also, it is so Disney for them to dedicate an entire song about someone that isn’t supposed to be talked about. The musical number also has the best choreography, with Mirable being able to keep up with everyone and even rats dancing.

Here’s what you might have missed from the song that offers clues for the rest of the movie.

Dolores Continuously Says She Can Hear Bruno

Dolores’s verse is dedicated to her being able to hear Bruno. Shouldn’t we take that seriously since her gift is super hearing?

Bruno Is Seen Walking in the Background When Dolores Is Singing

If you watch closely, you can see Bruno walking on the first and second floor during Dolores’s verse and even dancing.

Bruno’s Premonitions Aren’t That Menacing

The song is supposed to be about how bad Bruno and his premonitions are, but if you pay attention to them, they are pretty mild. It always looks like it going to rain around Pepa, goldish has a short life span, and sometimes people get a gut.

Bruno Is Having a Moment in Disney Movies – Encanto and Luca Connection

In the 2020 Disney/Pixar movie, Luca, Bruno was brought up frequently as someone who should go away and be silenced. Pretty similar to this Bruno, right?

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