[Review] Courtney Cox’s Character Grapples With Depression or Possession in Starz’s Shining Vale

Image: Starz

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Shining Vale opens up with this fact: women are twice more likely than men to suffer from depression with symptoms including a sense of helplessness, insomnia, change in sex drive, hallucinations, and feeling out of control. Women are also roughly twice as likely to be possessed by a demon and the symptoms are the same. Trish (Courtney Cox) might be experiencing both.

Trish is the wife of Tery (Greg Kinnear) and mother of two kids, a rebellious teenage daughter, Gaynor (Gus Birney), and an awkward tween son Jack (Dylan Gage). It’s been 17 years since she wrote her first book about a female sex addict. She got the advance to her second book six years ago and only has a few months to turn in the first draft or she has to return the money. She and her family move to small-town Shining Vale from New York City after she has an affair with the handyman. When going to couple therapy, we find out that Trish’s mother had a psychotic break at the same age that Trish is now. While Trish is trying to get a fresh start in Shining Vale, a wrench is thrown in her plans when she starts seeing what she calls “an old-fashioned looking ghost” (played by Mira Sorvino) who only she can see.

From the team that brought us Divorce, this is another story about unhappiness in marriage and living in upstate New York. It’s good to see Courtney Cox back on TV and combining horror with comedy. While the show is a bit of a slow burn because we’re just as confused as Trish is about what’s going on, with this cast and team, it’s worth watching to see how everything will add up.

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