[Review] Troye Sivan Shines Brighter Than His Aquamarine Eyes in Three Months

Photo: MTV

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Troye Sivan was made to be a screen siren. With his piercing aquamarine eyes, it seems like we’ve been waiting too long for him to have a starring role. While he has acted before in movies like Boy Erased and Wolverine, Sivan is center stage with Three Months. He plays Caleb, a freshly graduated Florida teen who lives with his grandparents. He only has to survive the summer until he’s out of his minimum wage job at a mini-mart and off to study photography in New York. But his world is altered after a rebound hookup texts him letting him know that he just tested positive for HIV. He now has to wait three months for his results.

Set in 2011, a year before PrEP was approved by the FDA, we see Caleb try to navigate the freedom that comes out of graduating high school while feeling like his life is in limbo. He joins an HIV support group where he meets another teen who is also waiting for his results. Caleb also has to try to keep his secret from his grandmother who is still dealing with the death of her son, Caleb’s father. Caleb’s also still dealing with being neglected by his mother who sent him to live with his grandmother after he came out as gay because her new husband, the rabbi, doesn’t approve.

Troye Sivan could have easily played this character over the top. He is more subtle with his approach, letting his wit and facial expressions do a lot of the talking. What also adds to this story is Troye Sivan’s original music for the movie. I do appreciate the restraint they showed by not having Caleb be a singer, which often happens when singers take on acting roles.

What really stands out in the story is that Caleb finds solace in watching old Real World episodes with Pedro, one of the first HIV-positive people on TV. In 2011 and today, it’s amazing how Pedtro still affects us almost 30 years after his death.

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