[Review] Paramount +’s The Offer Shows the Trails and Tribulations of Getting The Godfather Made

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Paramount + is taking advantage of their own IP by having a miniseries based on the making of The Godfather movie. Despite being critically acclaimed and considered one of the greatest movies ever made, the producers and writers had to fight tooth and nail for this movie, receiving pushback from the mob, members of the Italian community, and even its own studio.

Everyone is trying to get their big break with this movie. Mario Puzo (Patrick Gallo), the author of the book is trying to prove that he can adapt his own work into a film. Producer Albert S. Ruddy (Miles Teller) just left his hit show Hogan’s Heros because he wanted to be a part of the magic that movies bring, however, his first film just flopped. Even Francis Ford Coppola (Dan Fogler) who has been a bit of an outcast in Hollywood, is trying to get out of director jail with this film. Paramount itself is trying to move up to being one of the lowest-ranked studios after several flops. Studio executive Barry Lapidus (Colin Hanks) reminds everyone that they can’t live off Rosemary’s Baby money forever.

However, Albert is receiving opposition from all sides in trying to make this movie. The studio frequently wants to make changes, even trying to have the movie be set in the present day. The Italian community thinks the movie would show them in a negative light. The biggest pushback is from the mob. Newly appointed leader Joe Colomo (Giovanni Ribisi) keeps being told that the movie is bad for business and needs to be shut down, so he and the mob send stong messages, including having Albert’s car shot at and leaving a copy of the book with a dead rat inside in the bed of Paramount executive Bob Evans (Matthew Goode).

The first two episodes of the show are very intriguing. The cast is great, especially Juno Temple as Bettye McCartt, Albert’s assistant who probably knows more about the business than anyone. However, by episode three, the show feels like it dragging on and adding unnecessary storylines such as his wife, Francoise Glazer (Nora Arnezeder), trying to push her way into the production business. The show definitely doesn’t need to be 10 hour-long episodes and the story could have been better told in the form of a movie or a shorter mini-series with only a few episodes. However, fans of The Godfather and cinephiles will love the behind-the-scenes story of the making of this classic.

The Offer starts streaming on Paramount + Thursdays starting April 28th. You can subscribe to Paramount + on Amazon and get a free 7-day trial.

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