[Interviews] Gaslit’s Shea Whigham and Darby Camp Talk About Playing G. Gordon Liddy and Marty Mitchell in Scandalous Watergate Drama

Photo: Starz

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Starz’s Gaslit, based on the first season of the podcast, Slow Burn, explores the untold stories of Nixon’s Watergate scandal.

Shea Whigham plays G. Gordon Liddy, a key player in the Watergate scandal. I talked to Shea about playing a villain, how he connected to Liddy, and his notable mustache.

Photo: Starz

Darby Camp plays Marty Mitchell, the daughter of Martha (Julia Roberts) and John N. Mitchell (Sean Penn). We talked about creating the character of Marty, working with the Hollywood elite, and what decade she would love to do a period piece about.

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You can listen to Slow Burn: Watergate here.