[Review] Girls5eva Is Still Irreverent and Silly in Their Second Season

Photo: Peacock

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Your favorite fictitious girl group is back! After reuniting and feeling reinvigorated after their performance at the Jingle Ball, the girls have a record deal with Property Records, the record label owned by the Property Brothers. But even with a record deal, things aren’t smooth sailing with the girls. They are competing with the other bands on the label while also dealing with issues in their romantic relationships.

Season 2 touches on issues from the past that female pop stars deal with, including people’s obsessions with their virginity status, and current issues, like how to bury all your past digressions and questionable social media posts.

The season is as irreverent and silly as the first one. It is chocked full of pop culture references that are told so nonchalantly that they are always surprising and hilarious. Renée Elise Goldsberry is the standout as Wickie; her desperate attempts for fame remind me of how influencers must act. In one episode she encourages the women to get a year’s worth of social media posts on a music video set. It is also hilarious to see Sara Bareilles play a pop star when his style is a bit more folksy/coffee shop music.

In its second outing, Girls5eva is still a breezy, easy-to-watch show.

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