[Review] Season 2 of Hacks Leaves of Glitz of Vegas for Road Life

Photo: HBO Max

Vegas’ most unlikely duo are back together and ready to take this show on the road…kinda. Ava is crippled with guilt after sending a scathing email about Deborah to TV writers and trying her best to not have the information come to light. Deborah is dealing with no longer having a residency. After seeing her poster be replaced by the DJ who is taking her spot she immediately gets in the car with Ava to start the tour, despite having no venues booked. It will be interesting to see Deborah no longer getting the VIP treatment she is used to, which she gets a taste of when she no longer can enter the special employee entrance at the Palmetto.

Season 2 is a quirky road-trip comedy that allows Deborah and her whole team to see how they are outside of the circus of Vegas. Although Deborah and Ava are the stars, the supporting cast is not to be dismissed, from her assistant Damien and Kiki, her blackjack dealer. It’s also very sad to see Marcus dealing with the consequences of choosing his career over the boyfriend and the loneliness that comes with that. The only piece of the show that doesn’t seem to fit is Jimmy, Deborah and Ava’s manager, and Kayla, his assistant. They feel like they are in a different show it never seems to fit in with the storyline that is being told.

Viewers will be excited to see if Deborah will end up back in Vegas or open another chapter in her career.

Season 2 of Hacks premieres May 12 on HBO Max.

Watch our interview with Mark Indelicato, who plays Deborah’s assistant Damien here.


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