[Review] Peacock’s Sins of the Amish Brings Awareness to Troubling Issues Within Community

Photo: Peacock

The latest edition to Peacock’s True Crime Tuesday series is Sins of The Amish, which explores the rape culture that is running rampant in the Amish community, especially among family members.

Similar to the documentary Preaching Evil, Sins of the Amish explores a religion that also isolates itself from mainstream society. The Amish believe in plain living, meaning they often live without electricity, make their own clothing, and work from sun up to sundown. They usually stop school after learning how to read and write. The only sex education they get is written and published by the Amish. It is explained that men are animalistic and need sex. Because of this, women are told they need to cover up or even lock themselves up at night. If any transgressions happen, it is seen as the woman’s fault for being careless. Reporting rape is considered worse than the act itself because you’re letting outsiders into the community.

Ex-Amish women share their stories of growing up in this type of community. Due to their power structure, especially surroundings sex, many women are raped by their own family members. One of the most heartbreaking stories comes from Mary, a woman who was locked in a room by her female cousins so that their brothers could rape her. Throughout the documentary, we see the women attempt to seek out justice and healing.

The accounts these women share are disgusting and not for the faint of heart. It’s upsetting to think that these things could happen, but the Amish community’s response to it even seems to encourage this type of behavior.

Sins of the Amish starts streaming May 24th on Peacock.