[Interviews] Queer as Folk’s Jesse James Keitel, CG, Stephen Dunn, And Jaclyn Moore Talk About Reimagining Classic Series

Photo: Peacock

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Queer as Folk is back! Set in New Orleans this time around, this reimagining of Queer of Folk focuses on a group of friends dealing with life after a tragedy. Queer as Folks stars Devin Way (Grey’s Anatomy) Fin Argus (Clouds) Jesse James Keitel (Big Sky) CG (Pearl Motel), Johnny Sibilly (Hacks), Ryan O’Connell (Special), Juliette Lewis (Yellowjackets), and Kim Cattrall (Sex and The City).

I talked to Jesse James Keitel who plays Ruthie and CG who plays Shar about their characters’ becoming parents, their relationship with Brodie, deadnaming, and working with Kim Cattrall.

Showrunner Jaclyn Moore talks about why it was time for a reimagining, what the show meant to her, and how she and Ruthie are similar.

I talked to the new series creator Stephen Dunn about why he set the show in New Orleans and the importance of the mirror room.

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