[Interviews] Rap Sh!t’s RJ Cyler, Jonica Booth & Daniel Augustin Talk Season Finale, Seducing and Scheming and Their Relationship With Social Media

Photos: HBO Max

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Spoiler alert: this article discusses the season finale of Rap Sh!t

Rap Sh!t, Issa Rae’s follow-up to Insecure, focuses on Shawna & Mia, two old high school friends from Miami trying to break into the music industry. It finished up its first season with the women potentially going on tour, if Shawna can keep herself out of jail. I interviewed stars Jonica Booth, Daniel Augustin, and RJ Cyler about the show.

Jonica Booth (Bad Girls Club) who plays Chasity AKA Duke talks about whether Chasity has what takes to be a good manager, how her comedic background has helped her in this role, and how everyone seduces and schemes.

I talked to Daniel Augustin (How I Met Your Father), who plays Maurice, about social media, his own music career, and whether or not Maurice has feelings for Shawna.

RJ Cyler, who plays Lamont (The Harder The Fall, Power Rangers), talks about never playing the same character twice, his relationship with social media, Lamont’s intentions with Mia, and the consequences of seducing and scheming.

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