[Interviews] Reply’s Ava Capri, Ciara Riley Wilson, Elle Mills, and Michael Murphy Talk Creating Roles Based on Friends & 2000s Movies and Trends

Photo: Creator+

Reply, the short film written and directed by Elle Mills starring Ava Capri (“Do Revenge,” “Love, Victor”), Ciara Riley Wilson (“Kim Possible”), Corey Fogelmani (“Ma”,”Girl Meets World”) and Anthony Rosenthal (“Fosse/Verdon”) is about the summer of 2006 after new friends Casey and Hayden graduated high school.

I talked to Ciara Riley Wilson (Casey) and Ava Capri (Hayden) about how it feels to have roles catered to them, their bond, and their favorite 2000s trends.

I talked to writer and director Elle Mills and Producer Michael Murphy about creating characters with their friends in mind, why they wanted the film to have an open ending, and their favorite 2000s film.

REPLY will be streaming exclusively on Creator+ on Thursday, November 10