[Interviews] Irreverent’s PJ Byrne, Kylie Bracknell, Paddy Macrae, Debbie Lee, and Alastair McKinnon Talk Zumba, Hearses, and Australian Way of Life

Photos: Peacock

Irreverent is the new Peacock series about “Mack,” a Chicago criminal fleeing to Australia with $1.6 million dollars. After a chance encounter on the plane, he has to switch lives with Mackenzie and become a reverend in a small town while trying to get his money back and hiding from his adversaries.

The series stars Colin Donnell (Arrow, Chicago P.D.), PJ Byrne (Big Little Lies, The Boys), Kylie Bracknell (I Met a Girl), Briallen Clarke (The Heights), Tegan Stimson (The Tailings), Ed Oxenbould (Better Watch Out), Wayne Blair (Firestarter), Russell Dykstra (Rake), Calen Tassone (Bassendream), and Jason Wilder (Love and Penguins).

I talked to PJ Byrne, who plays Mackenzie, and Kylie Bracknell, who plays Piper, about what attracted them to this project, their characters’ relationship with Mack, their favorite scene, and what they would do with $1.6 million.

I talked to the creator, writer, and showrunner Paddy Macrae and executive producers Debbie Lee, and Alastair McKinnon about the show being based on the creator’s life, why is was important that Mack wasn’t from Australia, and what Americans would find most strange about Australia.

Irreverant premieres November 30th on Peacock.