[Interviews] BMF Demetrius ‘Lil Meech’ Flenory Jr, Myles Truitt, Da’Vinchi, La La Anthony, Sydney Mitchell, Michole Briana White, Russell Hornsby, Steve Harris, and Kelly Hu Talk Love Triangles, Higher Stakes, and 80s Trends

Photo: Starz

BMF is back for season two! After the season one finale saw Terry leave the drug game to go legit with a car business with his father, Charles, Meech is on his own with his new right-hand man B-Mickie. However, things aren’t going well with Detective Bryant still on BMF’s back. This is also trouble in paradise with Charles and Lucille.

I talked to Demetrius ‘Lil Meech’ Flenory Jr, who plays his father Meech, and Myles Truitt, who plays B-Mickie, on coming back for another season, if Meech should trust B-Mickie, the BMF doc and how it informed their performances, and seeing another side of the drug game this season.

I talked to Da’Vinchi, who plays Terry, La La Anthony, who plays Marksiha, & Sydney Mitchell, who plays Lawanda, about their characters’ love triangle, if Terry can stay out of the drug game, and the difference between Markisha’s and Power’s Lakeisha.

I talked to Michole Briana White, who plays Lucille Flenory, and Russell Hornsby, who plays Charles Flenory, about how things changed in season 2, how outside influences are affecting their characters’ relationship, why their characters are tougher on Nicole, how their interests may have influenced Terry and Meech, and their favorite (and least favorite) 80s trends.

I talked to Steve Harris, who plays Detective Bryant, and Kelly Hu who plays Detective Jin, about their characters’ opposite work philosophies, their relationship with BMF, and what they were like in the 80s.

BMF premieres on January 6 on Starz.