[SXSW] Lucky Hank Shows Bob Ordenkirk Flexing His Muscles Out of the Breaking Bad Universe

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Less than a year after finishing six seasons of Better Call Saul, Bob Ordenkirk is back with his new series, Lucky Hank. Ordenkirk usually deals with drug lords and criminals, but this time around he’s going again the most conniving group of people around: college students and faculty.

Based on the book Straight Man, Ordenkirk plays Professor Hank Deveraux, the English department chair at Railton College, a low-tier college in Pennsylvania. Disenchanted by his career, he hasn’t written a follow-up to his debut book published over a decade ago.

After an argument with a student who calls him out for phoning it in makes it into the school newspaper, we see him deal with the politics of higher education while attempting to break out of the showdown with his well-accomplished father.

With only the first two episodes being shown at SXSW, it’s hard to get a complete sense of where this eight-episode series is going. It gives workplace dramedy vibes with its petty arguments amongst faculty, ironic with The Office’s Oscar Nunez as Hank’s boss. It is refreshing to see Ordenkirk flex his acting muscles outsides of the Breaking Bad universe. He still shines with his biting sense of humor and observations.

Lucky Hank premieres March 19th on AMC.

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