[Review] Book of Morman Says ‘Hello!’ To Detroit with Satirical Musical

Photo: Broadway in Detroit

When you think of the Tonys, you don’t immediately think of South Park, the cartoon about elementary school kids that have been on air since 1997. However, Trey and Matt show they were multifaceted with Book of Morman, a story about Morman missionaries that go to Uganda.

Edler Price and Edler Cunnmighman have high hopes for their first mission. Elder Price is hoping to go to paradise on Earth, Orlando, while Elder Cunnigham is hoping to make a friend. When their paried up to go to Uganda, a place where they find out that zero baptisms have happened, they most help skeptical citizens while helping a war hungry general.

The musical is a satrifical take on the “white savior” trope. While several parts are laugh out of loud hilarious, being confronted with stereotypes make you think about the world around you. It also has amazing music, with my favoring being “Turn It Off.”

Book of Morman is playing at Fisher Theatre now through Sunday, March 19th. You can get tickets here.