[Interviews] Fatal Attraction’s Toby Huss, Reno Wilson, Brian Goodman and EPs Reaction to Seeing Movie for the First Time and Why They Set the Series in the Present Day

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Fatal Attraction, the adaption of the 1987 movie starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close, looks at infidelity and mental illness through a modern lens. Set in the present day, Dan Gallagher (Joshua Jackson) enters an affair with Alex Forrest, Lizzy Caplan, that has dire consequences.

I talked to Toby Huss, who plays Mike, Reno Wilson, who plays Earl, and Brian Goodman, who plays Arthur, about seeing the Fatal Attraction movie for the first time.

I talked to Alexandra Cunningham (Writer/Showrunner/Executive Producer), Silver Tree (Executive Producer / Director) and Kevin J. Hynes (Executive Producer) about why they set the show present day and not in the 80s.

Fatal Attraction premieres April 30th on Paramount +.

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